Yes I have always been that girl… you know the one who has the camera out at sporting events, concerts, family gatherings and birthday parties, snapping away. I am not a professional photographer; simply someone who loves to capture life’s precious moments. I have always had an interest in life stories. I believe that our past shapes our life and the legacy we share with our loved ones.

Photo organizing is actually about something deeper than simply organizing your photos. It’s about preserving family history. It’s about honouring where you’ve come from… About creating a story for your children and grandchildren.

There were times when my family would roll their eyes whenever I’d get the camera out… here she goes again.  And then something happened to us that changed everything. My beloved husband died suddenly at the age of 54. It was so unimaginable to all who knew him that he would no longer be with us. Finding the photos we needed for the funeral was just one of the many difficult things I had to do afterwards. But we had them, and they were accessible and well organized and we were able to produce a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man.

Since that time, I have resigned from working in a family business that I was involved in for more than 25 years. My husband’s passing and his love of life, family and community have all left me with the realization that life is too precious and too short to not do what you are passionate about. And so I started my photo organizing business because I want to help other families be just as prepared. Not just for the difficult times, but for the joyful ones as well. Weddings. Anniversaries. Graduations. New babies. Milestone birthdays. They all deserve to be celebrated with wonderful photos. And all those photos should be at your fingertips, protected from harm, and easy to share. I use a customized system with every client to help them identify the photos, memorabilia and home videos that tell the stories they want to share.

Katherine Hahn

Owner- Katherine Hahn Forever Photo Organizing