A Life Well Lived

Beautifully Designed Custom Digital Photo Albums

This project involved curating a collection of photos in celebration of an 80th Birthday.  The client, (my parents) had friends and relatives tell favourite memories of my father.  We then gathered all photos that we could find of my father, sorted, digitized, edited, and cataloged each photo and narrowed the selection down to about 300 photos.  The stories were transcribed and culled with the photo collection to produce a beautiful recollection of a “Life Well-Lived”.   The completed project was a 90 page 12 x 12 Deluxe Photo Book. 

The deluxe photo book is a real eye-catcher because of its square shape and coffee-table quality. The photos really make a big impression in this versatile photo book!  For those extra-special occasions, we highly recommend trying an image wrap hard cover with true lay-flat binding.  The beauty of a digital photo book is that multiple copies can now be printed for anyone who wants to enjoy having a book of their own.

Additionally, all photos digitized for the project are now safely uploaded to an on line cloud storage site that is very user friendly for sharing images and stories with friends and family.