From Photo Cards to Photo Books

Vacation Time= No Time for Photo Organization

When this client came to Katherine Hahn Forever Photo Organizing, she was feeling a little sheepish.  She was an seasoned traveller and really enjoyed taking photos of her many ports of call. BUT, she was not comfortable downloading and worse, deleting her photos from her photo cards for fear she would loose her precious photos.  So instead, she would simply go buy a new photo card for each trip she went on.

We were able to upload her 20+ camera cards and over 45,000 photos.  From this we created a core file structure for her photos where we sorted them into the appropriate folders.  Once this was completed we were able to view the photos through a photo organization software program that allowed us to attach important metadata, tags and keywords.

From here the process of creating a photo book for each and every one of these adventures will become a reality.  Because we carefully sorted each vacation into a folder of its own, it was easy to identify the scope of the photo book process going forward.