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Photography is one of our favourite ways of documenting and sharing that journey. Our photos represent landmarks on that path… a map if you will. They allow us an opportunity to remember the people, places and events that have all become an integral part of our life. They are our connection to the past, representing a cross section of milestone events, celebrations and accomplishments, but also the everyday moments that map together this journey we call life.

Photo organizing is so much more than simply organizing your photos. It’s about understanding family relationships and the stories revealed through their photos. Photo organization is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your story and memories and enjoy the journey. So many people have “organizing their photos” on their to-do list that they look at as a chore, rather than an event in and of itself that could be enjoyed.

Katherine Hahn Forever Photo Organizing

“What a beautiful landscape of photos laid out in front of you!  You may need a map to find your way through, but it will be a most rewarding journey.”

We are here to help

Once upon a time in the days of film photography, we had a system that sort of worked. It often included 24 or 36 4×6 prints (maybe a duplicate set as well), all stored with the negatives in an envelope, and if you were feeling particularly ambitious, they would be stored in a photo album.

The digital revolution has given us the power to photograph everything – anytime, anywhere. This is great … until you start wading through hundreds (or thousands) of digital files, on various digital devices, (your hard drive, your memory cards, your laptop, your cell phones, your social media sites…) trying to find that one specific picture of your child on her first day of school.

Or maybe it’s your dad’s 80th birthday, and you want to create a memory book of family photos for him. But so many of those photos are old and faded. Besides, how would you even begin to organize them?

Or, horrors, your smartphone’s been stolen – and every precious photo from the last two years is gone. Forever.

Katherine Hahn Forever Photo Organizing

Forever Photo Organizing can help you with all of this

I’m a certified professional photo organizer, and can help you edit, organize and digitize your entire photo collection.  My staff and I can set you up with an easy-to-use professional backup system. And we can help you choose the best ways to share and display your favourite memories.